Always be close to the customer

The mobile application is a place where the Client always has quick access to their purchased policies. All insurances are collected in his account, and in addition he has the option of buying another policy in a simple and accessible way from the application level.

More importantly, in the case of motor insurance, it has the option of using the Aztec code scanner located in vehicle registration certificates, which significantly reduces the time needed to calculate another motor insurance.


Application functionalities

As part of the mobile application for the Client, we provide access to the functionality of:

  • Client login and authorization
  • access to products along with basic information and related documents such as policy, GTC, regulations, certificate, etc.
  • list of installments for policies with the option of quickly switching to the payment gateway
  • Aztec code scanner with the initiation of the motor insurance purchase process
  • insurance sales processes supported as part of your product offer
  • information for the Client what to do in case of damage
  • claims notification processes with their transfer to the Insurance Company liquidation system
  • data change, withdrawal and cancellation processes
  • the ability to import policy data purchased from other Insurers in other sales networks

The application is one central place where Client has information about his products and finds all data and processes related to the sale and service of owned insurances. He can perform all activities related to his policies in one place.