Expand your product range at a low cost

Thanks to the integration bus, you can quickly add the products of Insurance Companies that deliver their products through WebServices.

One of the important elements of the BlueBooster sales platform is the integration bus. Thanks to it, you can take advantage of a number of ready-made integrations with the tariff and policy systems of Insurance Companies. This allows you to reduce the time and costs needed for integration, and reduce maintenance costs, because now the need to update integration with Insurance Companies it's on BlueBooster bus side. Thanks to this, even when the sale of a given product does not bring the expected results, it does not generate unnecessary costs of maintenance and updating.


A wide range of ready integrations

Due to our many years of experience, we currently have ready integrations with most Insurance Companies in Poland. These include for communication insurance products of:

  • Allianz
  • AXA
  • Benefia
  • Compensa
  • Ergo Hestia (with MTU24)
  • Generali (with Proama)
  • InterRisk
  • Link4
  • PZU
  • Uniqa
  • Warta (with HDI)
  • Wiener

However, communication insurance is not everything we can offer as part of integration via an integration bus. The range of products and integration we support covers also: real estate, travel, health, life, and other niche products on the market - such as wallet protection, credit card protection, and phone screen insurance...

In addition, via the bus, we enable the use of external postal dictionaries (e.g. Hoga, Poczta Polska) or dictionaries and quotations from vehicle databases (e.g. Eurotax, Infoexpert).

Importantly, the set of products available is not a closed list. If you need an integration that we do not yet support, we will integrate and enable integration as part of the integration bus, so that you can connect to this system in the same way as with other systems already supported by us. You gain technology unification and again - reduction of maintenance costs.