Contact with the customer always and everywhere

Do not limit Agents and Advisors to sell only at their desk. Free the mobility of the sales network and attract Customers where they are, not only when they come to the branch.

Accelerate data collection for processes by using an Aztec code reader or document scanner and transfer the acquired data to the customer's calculation.


Application functionalities

As part of the mobile application for the Adviser, we provide access to the functionality of:

  • Advisor authorization
  • task scheduler consisting of automatic events, e.g. renewal, tasks created by the supervisor or independently by the Advisor
  • access to products with related documents such as policy, GTC, regulations, certificate, etc.
  • Aztec decoder with the initiation of the motor insurance purchase process
  • scanner of client documents, e.g. ID card or soft registration card
  • insurance sales processes supported as part of your product offer
  • claims notification processes with their transfer to the Insurance Company liquidation system
  • data change, withdrawal and cancellation processes
  • automatic and immediate data synchronization in the Advisor's account in the central application

Free the Advisor from having to sit only at the computer. All activities that can be performed at the computer also become possible to operate from the level of the mobile application.

In addition, the application takes the stationary process a step up - it enables the process of obtaining data from the Customer to be streamlined and saves the time of the Advisor. It builds the image of greater professionalism in the eyes of the Client.