Manage data in a simple and intuitive way

The BlueBooster administration panel is simple and intuitive to use, but at the same time very complex when it comes to functionalities that it can handle for the user.

You can easily find all the most important options and information in it, and a number of functional modules will allow you to view, edit and manage most of the data available in the system.


The BlueBooster panel allows you to manage the content of the page

  • within the information layer
  • static documents
  • dynamic documents as user-editable templates
  • graphics and attachments presented on pages

Defining and managing processes

  • creating product tariffs: from simple dependencies like a percentage of the sum insured, to the possibility of defining separate algorithms per risk (e.g. rate per person per day in a specific age group)
  • editing and creating processes that you can then plug into selected parts of the website structure
  • preview of data from each step for processes configured through the wizard
  • management of consents and statements on each of the processes, dividing the logic of these consents into products, risks and sales channels

Sales network management and their structures in the field of:

  • sales network complexity, from simple to more complex, e.g. tree structure
  • user and customer data
  • roles and access rights to specific functionalities and specific products
  • distribution logic of commissions to the sales network from the level of elementary risk of the product

Backoffice support for policies

  • access to contracts/policies, including after-sales processes for them, annexations, cancellations, etc.
  • preview of reports generated by the system and imported from the outside to the system
  • insight into premium allocation on policies including verification of collection on individual risks
  • comparison of commission calculations made by the system with imported commission settlements from Insurance Companies
  • processing of settlements and refunds