Case study

Below are selected innovative projects that we have implemented together with our Clients based on the use of the BlueBooster for Insurances platform.



PKO BP - an innovative insurance system

Omnichannel sales platform for motor insurance.

Implementation and development of an innovative motor insurance sales platform in all distribution channels. A novelty on the market is the opportunity to take advantage of the offer of various insurance companies as part of one insurance package in one purchasing process.

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Saltus TUW - multi-product platform

Sale of 5 insurance lines in many channels

Digitization of insurance sales and development of the Customer platform for over 10 years. Thanks to the platform, the customer has gained the opportunity to sell insurance in 5 product lines and 3 access channels. In addition to sales, it is also possible to support after-sales processes, including commission settlements.

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BIK Serwis - scanner of insurance offers

A complete range of communication offers from including policy issuance.

An extensive system for a multi-agency network enabling aggregation of motor insurance offers from all Insurance Companies on the market. Comparison of standard tariffs with general contract conditions, including finalization through policy.

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Ergo Hestia - corporate website

Creation and implementation of portal with the administrative panel.

Implementation of a corporate portal focused on customer functionality and convenience. The system provided allows for ongoing updating and editing of the entered content and development of the website in line with ERGO Hestia's expectations.

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