Open your bank to new online sales

Build effective sales paths, including automatic customer verification.


One of the key functionalities of the BlueBooster platform is the online sales application generator, which allows you to modify old and build new shopping paths.

It is intuitive and easy to use - it does not require technical knowledge or programming support. Therefore, every salesman in your team can edit shopping paths depending on their needs, and thus increase the effectiveness of individual campaigns.

BlueBooster generates views based on components styled according to the visual identity of your bank. This makes it possible for everything you create to be consistent with the bank's main website.

Multi-step process builder

Thanks to BlueBooster, your bank's sales applications can contain multi-step forms with different numbers and types of fields. They can be e.g. text boxes, drop-down lists, checkboxes, etc. You decide how many fields a given form will have and in what order they will be arranged. Also, the logic of the forms depends on you, i.e. the ways of transition between the consecutive views.

The wizard is very easy to use because it contains ready-made elements from which you can build forms.

You can also:

  • freely edit and organize the content;
  • format it and divide it into sections and pages;
  • add a dynamic calculator that you can use to present e.g. a graphical simulation of banking product costs;
  • generate contracts for your customers to download.

Financial capacity calculators

BlueBooster was created to automate individual stages of online sales processes, including launching a given banking product for a customer.

An element of our multi-channel sales platform is a mechanism that automatically verifies the financial capacity of a potential customer.

Data such as earnings, expenses, fixed living costs, etc. are analysed.

Based on them, the system decides whether the customer can use a given banking product.

The mechanism can be implemented in two ways: by integration with your bank's scoring system or by implementing a matrix that calculates the creditworthiness.

BlueBooster also enables integration with bank databases, external applications processing, organizing and supplying data (e.g. from a customer's bank statement).

Verification of potential customers

We know how important it is to verify the credibility of a potential customer while selling banking products. Therefore, we have created tools that enable:

The system allows you to send messages via a corresponding channel and conditions the transition to the next step in a form with positive verification.

In practice, it may be, for example, that the customer will proceed to the next step only after he enters the code received in the SMS in the right window.

The verification process constructed in this way is not only very fast, but also effective. In a few seconds you can confirm the identity of the customer and make sure that you have the correct contact details.


Advanced verification of user behaviour

Verification of contact details and prospectus identity is not the only feature of BlueBooster.

Our multi-channel sales platform is equipped with an anti-fraud module, enabling a detailed analysis of the behaviour of each potential customer, including: the content entered in the form fields or the pace of answering.

These advanced tools enable you to assess the potential of a given prospectus even more accurately and dynamically change the presented offer.