Have full control over the ongoing sales processes

Thanks to advanced analytics tools available on the BlueBooster platform.

BlueBooster uses the state-of-art technologies to optimize banks' sales processes based on the accumulated big data.

Thanks to an advanced analysis of user behaviour, you are able to immediately capture the most promising ones and reject those posing a threat.

The possibilities of analytics tools

The system monitors the behaviour of prospectuses in sales applications, processes data and presents:

  • the number, stages and reasons for abandoning the forms,
  • the number of rejections due to anti-fraud mechanisms,
  • the list of accepted and rejected applications.

All data are presented in the form of charts, making them legible and easy to interpret.

With such data you can react quickly and modify the sales path to increase its effectiveness by reaching users with the greatest potential.

BlueBooster allows you to generate summary reports from the analysis of the obtained data and export the data to .csv or .xls formats.