A platform for comprehensive online sales for the financial market

Increase sales by creating a full path: from obtaining sales traffic, presentation of the offer, data collection, contract signing, to product launch.

Run an automated online process and increase your sales

Performance marketing, sales & product presentation, customer communication


With BlueBooster, you will build online sales paths to reach your customers anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the complete online service, you will increase sales effectiveness. You will make your sales paths available to customers via a state-of-art website created in BlueBooster. You will automatically verify your customers via email, SMS or bank transfer. You will also automate sales thanks to the tools that will automatically decide whether to award the product to the customer or not after a prior analysis of customer’s situation.


Using our platform, you will speed up and automate customer service of your bank based on a digital channel, maintaining the highest security standards.


BlueBooster is a modern online sales support

The most important functionalities and tools are:


Sales path generator

Set up and run effective sales processes.

Creating multi-step sales processes using advanced online mechanisms has never been so easy. BlueBooster enables, among other features, defining different customer paths and their subsequent verification.


CMS module

Implement modern and effective sales websites.

Thanks to BlueBooster, you can create and launch new websites without technical support. Using ready-made components, you can quickly change the content and appearance of your website, adapting it to the current sales needs and communication with customers.


Verification mechanisms

Use automatic verification of customers and their behaviour.

The verification mechanisms allows you to instantly and automatically confirm the identity of a potential customer, and then, by analysing his or her behaviour on the shopping path, exclude the actions of robots or other types of fraudsters.


Financial capacity calculators

Use the automatic presentation of your clients' financial assessment.

Accelerate sales support thanks to the tools that analyse the data entered by customers and automatically estimate their financial capacity.


Affiliate module

Create your own affiliate platform and manage your campaigns.

Increase traffic to your website. Have full control over your conversion and the budget spent. Decide with whom and under what conditions you will cooperate.


Analytics Tools

Have full control over ongoing sales processes

You have constant access to data illustrating the behaviour of prospectuses on the purchasing path. This enables you to quickly respond and make changes to improve the user service and attract new customers.